Parenting Seminar @ Hotel Regency-Jamnagar organised By Oxford Pre School

Is your kid’s brain scientist or artist ? Parents were confused to decide. Trainer PM Jadeja had suggested to parents provide a Supportive and loving atmosphere, Maintain A Friendly Relationship, Avoid Seeking Respect, Make Yourself Truly Attractive and many more topics for parents. Advised them to Make It A Time To Learn, Not To Teach. Long term goal needs short term sacrifices. Plant your seed to greatness in the right place and watch it grow to great heights. Don’t be just intelligent, be wise. Take risks and put your plan into action! It is okay to make mistakes and fail in the beginning as long as you learn from the mistakes and become the master in that field. Failure and pain can be great teachers; don't fight it, just let it soak in, and you will be able to create great things.

Stress Management Seminar - Jal Seva Talim Sastha [Gujarat Government ], Gandhingar

Gujarat Jal Seva Talim Sastha, Gandhingar has organised Stress Management Seminar at Jamnagar and Saurastra Employee of the Jal seva Bhawan. Approx hundred employee has participated the same for the stress management Seminar. Mr. Dilipsinh Jethwa and Many more Senior employee of the Jal Bhvan has given Valuable time for the Seminar. All had agreed that Stress Management is the part of the Human Life. What is Stress, Negative effect of the Stress, Stress Came From, Managing the Stress, Helpful Tips for the Managing Stress were the main topic of the Stress Management in the Seminar. Participate had surprised for result of  stress management. It was such a long Seminar however valuable for human life.

Career Guidance Seminar at SP Office - JAMNAGAR.

We have successfully managed Career Guidance Seminar at SP Office - JAMNAGAR. Seminar for Career guidance (what after 10th-12th) at Jamnagar SP Office.This seminar was sponsored by Jamnagar District Police under Suraksha Setu Society Program.

Full Day Seminar - Time Management, Life Goal, Vyasan Mukti and Positive Thinking @ Bhanwad, ITI, Dist. Jamnagar. Gujarat.

Full Day Seminar - Time Management, Life Goal, Vyasan Mukti and Positive Thinking  @ Bhanwad, ITI, Dist. Jamnagar. Gujarat. Bhanwad ITI has organised full Day seminars with Shree Sardarsinji Jadeja - Chairmen, Geeta Group and Brand Ambassador of the Gujarat ITI, Principle Shree Bhavsar, Teachers and ITI Students. 

Stress Management/Disaster Management @ Kalawad, Dist. Jamnagar.

Disaster Management at Kapuria College, Kalawad, Dist. Jamnagar  managed by Government  Disaster office Jamnagar. Sr. Officer Yashvantsinh Parmar and Prof. Ansari Madam has managed well. Approx 200 plus students has participated in the seminar. Mr. Parmar Sir has explained the disaster situation very deeply and give suggestion how to out come for this situation. Mr. PM Jadeja – Motivational speaker/Trainer has taken the topics of Stress Management. Given Great Tips to those who has participated in the seminar.